iPads for Disaster Preparation

I've been thinking about how iPads and similar devices might be used in crisis and disaster planning. What if every iPad came with a preloaded set of core information for crisis and disaster response? What if there was a core set of essential medial reference texts and tools available to all first responders and healthcare professionals as a free download? I've been pondering this in a very crude and simple way over at my main blog:

eBooks for Disaster and Crisis Response

but I'd really like to engage this community in thinking about what ought to be included in a set of resources to support this function. What are the core apps that all healthcare providers should install in case of a crisis? What are the core reference books that we should all have in case of unexpected crises? What resources would be good to take with us when we go to respond to disasters like those recently in Haiti and Japan? What do we need the devices to do that they don't do yet? Who should be engaged in making recommendations? What would YOU want to have on your iPad or iPhone?

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  • Rob Theriault
    Rob Theriault Brilliant idea! I know the perfect content expert to help develop just such an app. He's a colleague of mine how has a Masters in disaster medicine and he speaks at universities around the globe on this topic. He is also currently a critical care flight...  more
    June 16, 2011
  • Patricia Anderson
    Patricia Anderson I'm in talks with our wilderness medicine group and our School of Public Health Risk Science Center. There might be some programming resources to make an app. The hard part is proofing the old content and deciding what to keep and what is too risky and mi...  more
    June 22, 2011
  • Art Papier
    Art Papier Available for the Iphone and Ipad is VisualDx, a visual clinical decision support system distributed by public health departments in 5 states to each hospital emergency department in their states to support preparedness. The idea is to augment CBRN train...  more
    October 1, 2011
  • Patricia Anderson
    Patricia Anderson Yep, I have VisualDx. It is something that should be part of a suite of tools in this area, but it isn't well suited for everything I'm imagining. Definitely useful, though!
    February 8, 2012